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How to Fill a Swimming Pool with Well Water?

Updated on March 12, 2022

Here’s how you can fill a swimming pool with well water.

  • Connect one end of a hose to the well pump and put the other end in the pool.
  • Turn the pump on and observe the process.
  • Do not leave the pool when water is flowing as you need to make sure that water does not go brown.
  • Turn the water off if you notice any color change, wait for a couple of hours, and then start filling the pool again.

This may look like a simple process but a lot of factors are in play here. The biggest concern is that filling the pool can dry your well or short circuit the well pump.

Factors to Consider While filling the Pool with Well Water

Swimming pool dimensions

Pool Size – It may take up to days to fill large pools with well water. Suppose your swimming pool has a 7500 gallon water capacity but your well produces water at 5 GPM. It will take up to days or even weeks to fill this pool with well water. It also involves the risk of your well going dry.

Underground Water Volume – How much water the aquifer holds will also impact the time required to fill a swimming pool on well water. You will need to wait for some time so that the well can replenish while filling a swimming pool.

quantity of well water for pool

Water Delivery Rate – The flow rate from your well will determine how long it takes to fill a swimming pool.

Well Pump Health– The well pump’s health is a critical factor in deciding the time required to fill a swimming pool. If your well pump has some issues, it will not deliver water at an optimum rate.

Water Demand and Supply – Make sure you don’t use water at least 24 hours before filling a swimming pool so you don’t face water scarcity. It is recommended not to use water anywhere else if you are not using a garden hose directly from well pump.

Is it a good idea to get water from pool water delivery services?

Yes. It is an excellent alternative to get water from pool water delivery services. It is quick, hassle-free, and safe way for filling your pool. The water is already treated by the supplier and you save your water well from unnecessary pressure.

Tips to Avoid Water Loss from Swimming Pools

Fix the Leaks – You must check for leaks in your swimming pool’s plumbing system after 5-6 months. A small leak can waste thousands of gallons yearly.

Solar Covers – Solar pool covers are used to stop water evaporating from the pools. They cover the surface of the water and also prevent the water temperature from getting extremely high in summers.

Avoid Frequent Splashing – Splashing and playing with water is fun. However, doing such things frequently result in loss of water from pools.

Final Words

Swimming in your pools is a great way to relax and cool down. Everyone loves to swim and have some fun. However, you must make sure that the water in your pool is healthy and does not affect your health.


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