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6 Steps Guide to Install a Whole House Water Filter on a Private Well

Updated on March 12, 2022

A whole house water filter treats water for every point of use in your home. Most whole house water filters have a DIY installation. Let’s read how you can install a whole house water filter.

How to Install a Whole-House Water Filter on a Well

Don’t forget to check warranty terms before installing a whole house water filter as some manufacturers only allow professional installation for warranty validity.

Time Needed: 2-3 Hours

Difficulty Level: Beginner

Things Needed

  • Drill machine
  • Screwdriver
  • Teflon tape
  • Balancing level
  • Pipe cutters (copper or plastic)
  • Bypass filter (if not included)

The Installation Process

Step 1: Selecting the Installation Place

  • Select a point where water enters your home before other water treatment units and after a sediment filter.
  • It is best to install the unit near an electric outlet and under shade. pipe fitting

Step 2: Cutting the Pipes:

  • Measure the dimensions of the filter and cut the pipes accordingly.
  • Use connectors if the pipes are running parallel to floor or you can’t connect the pipes and filter directly.

Step 3: Installing the Mounting Bracket:

  • Drill holes at the selected installation site to attach the brackets.
  • Use a balancing level to ensure that bracket is levelled. Unleveled installation will result in filter not working properly. filter installation

Step 4: Placing the Filter:

  • Place the filtration media inside the housings and close them.
  • Place the housings according to the number specified in the user manual.
  • Connect the filters with each other.

Step 5: Making the Water Connections:

  • Connect the in and out pipes, and turn on the water supply.
  • Look for any water leakages or any out of the order thing.
  • Run a few gallons of water from the filter to clear out air and dust.
  • Connect the filter to an electric outlet if it requires power.

Step 6: Installing The bypass valve:

Install bypass valve, shut off valves and pressure gauges on your water filter. These equipment help in filter maintenance and cartridge replacement.

Tips to take care of your Whole House Well Water Filter

  • Timely replacement of filtration media as explained in the user guide
  • Installing your filters under shade or inside
  • Keeping them free from dust and debris
  • Checking the filter physically every two weeks to ensure everything is fine

Final Words

Well water filters make sure that you drink pure and hygienic water. One should never compromise on the water quality. If you feel you are unable to install the water filter, call a certified plumber right away and get the filter installed.


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