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How to Pump Water from a Well without Electricity?

Updated on March 12, 2022

You cannot pump water from a well without electricity unless you have a hand pump or alternate way to power the well pump. You can use water stored in the pressure tank but it will have a slow flow rate.

This article discusses the alternate ways to pump water from a well without electricity.

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6 Ways to Pump Water from a Well without Using Electricity

Generator – Your home’s generator is what keeps you going during a power outage. Turn on the generator and connect the well pump to a generator-powered outlet. The well pump will be up and running in a couple of seconds.

Manual Pump – It is also known as a hand pump. The working capacity of a manual pump depends on the make and model. You can obtain around 5-15 gallons in one minute. The volume of water drawn using a manual pump also depends on the static water level in the well. You can only use a manual pump if it is already installed with your well.

The Bucket System – The bucket system is not commonly used now a days but you may find it in remote areas of the world. It is a pulley-based system with bucket at one end and a pulley at the other. The bucket goes inside the well and water pours in. You pull the bucket out using the handle on the pulley.

solar pumps

Solar Pump – Many private well owners are now installing a solar panel to power their well pumps. Some well pumps come with a solar panel that can work on solar and electrical energy.

Wind-Powered Pump – Wind powered pumps are used in some areas with high wind speed. However, wind energy is first converted to electric energy that in turn powers the well pump.

Diesel Pumps – Some well pumps have a built-in diesel engine to use during a power outlet. It is simply like a pressure washer or any fuel-powered tool.

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Final Words – What’s the Best Way?

Power outages rarely happen but natural disasters and emergencies may prolong the outage duration. You can power the well pump on a generator during that time.


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