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SpringWell FutureSoft® Salt-Free Water Softener Review: FS1, FS4 & FS+

Updated on March 7, 2023

A salt-free water softener is best for people who don’t prefer salt replacement and brine discharge. SpringWell’s salt-free water softener, also known as FutureSoft® salt-free water softener, is a highly efficient system to soften well water.

SpringWell offers two types of water softeners; salt-based and salt-free. This article reviews the salt-free variant in detail.

SpringWell FutureSoft® Salt-Free Water Softener Review: FS1, FS4 & FS+

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Quick Overview









Flow Rate

12 GPM

15 GPM

20 GPM

Maximum Hardness

81 GPG

81 GPG

81 GPG

Tank Width

6 inches

9 inches

13 inches

Tank Height

35 inches (39 inches with head)

48 inches (52 inches with head)

54 inches (58 inches with head)

Operating Pressure

25-80 PSI

25-80 PSI

25-80 PSI

Operating Temperature

36-120 F

36-120 F

36-120 F

pH Range




FS1 vs. FS4 vs. FS+: All three variants are the same except for flow rate, tank width, and height. There is no difference in terms of hardness removing capacity. FS1 is best for small homes, FS4 works great in mid-sized homes, and FS+ is recommended for large homes.

Prerequisites for Softening Well Water

Please note that you must completely remove iron, manganese, copper, oil, and hydrogen sulfide in well water to make it work. It can handle chlorine up to 3 PPM. It seems like a big problem, but you’ll only need 1-2 filters to remove these elements. You can install SpringWell’s well water filtration system to remove these contaminants. SpringWell offers a well water filter and salt-free water softener combo at discounted rates.

Moreover, it doesn’t work if the water’s pH is below 7. The water’s salinity (amount of dissolved salts in water) must be less than 3500 PPM. So, ensure you get your well water tested before buying this unit. You can install an acid neutralizer to increase well water’s pH.

Performance Features

Maximum Hardness Removal

The system can remove up to 81 GPG hardness in well water. It is one of the most powerful salt-free softeners on the market. Water with more than 10.5 GPG hardness is considered extremely hard.

Another good thing about this system is its ability to function as a whole-house softener for large homes. Most salt-free water softeners cannot handle the demand of large homes and are mostly installed with water heaters or in small homes. SpringWell’s softeners, on the other hand, can power homes with 7+ bathrooms without any pressure drops or performance issues.

The unit will clean the existing scale in old pipes, which may take up to 90 days. You’ll notice increased spotting on showers, countertops, faucets, and shower heads during this time.

The resin in the unit lasts for 1 million gallons before you need to replace the resin inside the tank. An average family uses around 300 gallons of water per day. It will last 9-10 years without any issues.

How the System Works

The unit doesn’t work like a traditional salt-based softener. It doesn’t follow the ion exchange process but uses a physical process known as Template Assisted Crystallization (TAC). TAC converts hardness-causing elements (calcium and magnesium) into crystals that don’t stick to surfaces, skin, or appliances. In other words, it conditions the water to behave differently. This is why salt-free systems are also known as water conditioners.

The tank has been designed to maximize water fluidization. The FutureSoft media inside the tank converts the calcium and magnesium into crystals. The ActivFlo technology doesn’t let the flow rate decrease; you enjoy the water at higher flow rates.

Please note that a water hardness test will not show reduced hardness. This is because calcium and magnesium aren’t removed from the water. It demonstrates its working via the benefits of soft water. Your skin and hair will become healthy, appliances, laundry, and crockery will no longer stain, and the existing scale will start to come off.

crockery will no longer stain, and the existing scale will start to come off.

Sediment Pre-Filter

The softener comes with a sediment filter with a 5-micron rating. The filter removes large particles like dust, sand, rust, and hair from blocking the softening media.

Flow Rate

SpringWell is way ahead of its competitors when it comes to flow rate. Its filters deliver what is promised. You can select the right model based on your home size. SpringWell suggests selecting FS1 (12 GPM) for a house with 1-3 bathrooms, FS4 (15 GPM) for 4-6 bathrooms, and FS+ (20 GPM) for 7+ bathrooms. Most softeners in the market have a maximum of 12 GPM flow rate.

Most softeners in the market have a maximum of 12 GPM flow rate.

Available Upgrades

FutureSoft salt-free softener requires contaminant-free water to soften your water. You can upgrade the system with UV purification, whole house water filter, and RO drinking water system. Alternatively, you can also pick whole house well water filter and salt-free softener combo.

Included Parts

All the tools required to install the softener are included in the box. The box includes the following:

  • Pre-filter housing
  • 5-micorn sediment filter
  • O-ring for pre-filter housing
  • Mounting bracket and screws
  • Spanner wrench
  • Hose bib assembly
  • Bypass valve
  • 1-inch MNPT fittings


You can go for a DIY installation if you know how plumbing connections work. You will need piping and fittings to install the system, as everything else required to install the unit is included in the box.

You can also opt for a professional installation if you don’t know how to handle plumbing connections. Watch the video below and learn more about the installation here.

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The installation process for FS+ is slightly different. See the video below and click here to download its user manual.

Maintenance & Warranty

The best part about this system is its low maintenance. You don’t have to reload salt like a salt-based softener every few months. All you have to do is replace the sediment filter every 6 months. The resin lasts for 6-8 years.

SpringWell offers a lifetime warranty on fittings, FutureSoft media, tanks, housings, bypass valves, and in/out heads. The unit also has a performance guarantee for 6 years or 1 million gallons.


  • Sediment Filter Included
  • Eco-friendly
  • No water wastage
  • Removes existing scale
  • No salt replacements
  • Bluetooth control head


  • Initially costly
  • Slightly less effective than salt-based systems
  • Sediment filter housing is colored
  • Doesn’t remove hardness minerals

Customer Feedback

Buyers are happy with their purchase. Users mention that it works like a breeze and never lets pressure drop. People who shifted from a salt-based softener express relief from regular maintenance and brine discharge.

A majority of buyers are happy with the unit because it is eco-friendly. Moreover, it doesn’t add sodium to water and retains much-needed calcium and magnesium in drinking water.

Many people mention their skin and hair quality improved after installing the unit. Not to mention, better performance from all appliances and stain-free plumbing fixtures.

Final Words: Should you buy SpringWell’s FutureSoft® Salt-Free Water Softener?

It depends on water quality, usage patterns, and your budget. Overall, it is an excellent softener that requires minimal maintenance, works silently, and gives great results. A salt-free water softener is the only option to make water soft in states where salt-based water softeners are banned.

It is an excellent option for homes with low-producing wells. It doesn’t backwash and saves water from being wasted.


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