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Springwell Water Softener Review (Salt-Based: SS1, SS4 & SS+)

Updated on March 7, 2023

Most private wells produce hard water. Installing a water softener is the best solution to make hard water soft.

SpringWell’s offers one of the best softeners for private wells. Let’s understand the basic difference between the salt-based and salt-free softeners before we review SpringWell’s salt-based water softener.

Salt-Based Water Softener: The unit works based on the principle of ion exchange. It replaces calcium and magnesium in hard water with sodium or potassium ions, making the water soft and safe for your skin, appliances, and everyday use.

Salt-Free Water Softener: It uses Template Assisted Crystallization (TAC) to convert hardness-causing elements into crystals so they don’t stick to any surface.

SpringWell Salt-Based Water Softener Review: SS1, SS4 & SS+

Main Image

Quick Overview





Grain Capacity








Flow Rate

11 GPM

13 GPM

20 GPM

Tank Width

9 inches

10 inches

13 inches

Tank Height

48 inches (57 inches with head)

54 inches (63 inches with head)

54 inches (63 inches with head)

Brine Tank

18 (W) x 33 (H) inches

18 (W) x 33 (H) inches

18 (W) x 33 (H) inches

Connection Size

1 inch

1 inch

1 inch

Operating Pressure

25-80 PSI

25-80 PSI

25-80 PSI

Operating Temperature

36-120 F

36-120 F

36-120 F

pH Range

6.5 - 10

6.5 - 10

6.5 - 10

Backwash Rate




SS1 vs. SS4 vs. SS+: The major differences between the three units are flow rate, grain capacity, and tank height. SS1 is recommended for small homes with 1-3 bathrooms, SS4 is best for medium homes with 4-6 bathrooms, and SS+ is best for large homes with 7+ bathrooms. The grain capacity is also an important factor to consider. A large grain capacity means the system will remove more hardness between two regeneration cycles. So, if your home has extremely hard water, you would be better off with a softener with a large grain capacity.

SpringWell’s tech support can help you select the right model for your home. You can reach them out here.

Performance Features

Grain Capacity

SpringWell offers 32K, 48K and 80K grain capacities. The grain capacity determines how much calcium and magnesium compounds a softener can remove before it is saturated and must be regenerated.

The right grain capacity depends on water hardness and how many people live in your house. A big home with extremely hard water and more inhabitants need a softener with higher grain capacity.

How the System Works

It works on the principle of ion exchange. Hard water enters the system and passes through sodium-washed resin. The resin removes calcium and magnesium from hard water and replaces them with sodium or potassium ions.

The unit has a separate brine tank that holds the salt. The system regenerates automatically depending on water hardness and usage. The automatic regeneration saves utility costs, water, and salt. It also cleans the resin beads and reset them with sodium.

The Vortech plate in the tank makes backwashing 30% quicker than ordinary systems. It means you’ll have to use less hard water during the regeneration cycle.

have to use less hard water during the regeneration cycle.

Flow Rate

Most people complain that pressure drops when the water leaves the softener. SpringWell ensures that you don’t experience this. Its tank has been designed to maximize the water’s exposure to salt to enhance the softening process and deliver water quickly to your home.

Moreover, the system has 1-inch connections that facilitate higher flow rates. SpringWell delivers what it promises. Its flow rate doesn’t decrease in the long run, provided you maintain the unit properly.

You can choose a unit with 11, 13, or 20 GPM.

Control Head

The system comes with a Bluetooth-enabled control head that is easy to set up and use. It lets you adjust the system’s regeneration and backwash cycles and timings, valve settings, water usage, and historical data.

valve settings, water usage, and historical data.

SpringWell’s control head has a 7-year limited warranty. Its technology is way better than competitors.

You can control the unit through SpringWell’s mobile app. You don’t have to get up and manually start the regeneration cycle. Everything is available at your fingertips.

Everything is available on your fingertips.

Available Upgrades

SpringWell offers system upgrades to enhance your home’s water supply quality. You can order a UV purification and RO drinking water system as available upgrades. The system can also be connected with filters from brands.

Included Parts

Everything required to install the unit except fitting and connections is included. The box includes the following:

  • Main tank
  • Brine tank
  • Control head
  • 50 feet drain line
  • Hose clamps
  • Bypass valves

Polypropylene Tanks

The softening and brine tanks are made with rugged and durable polypropylene. All the materials used in the making are approved by relevant authorities and certified to use in homes.

approved by relevant authorities and certified to use in homes.


Installing SpringWell’s salt-based softener is quite easy. All the tools except connections and fittings are included in the box. You can opt for DIY installation if you know how plumbing connections work. You’ll also need a drain nearby for brine discharge. Click here to read more on how to install a SpringWell’s salt-based water softener. Otherwise, you can hire a professional to install the unit.

Please note that the system (brine and softening tanks) must be installed vertically. You may be tempted to install softening tank vertically in crawled spaces, but it isn’t recommended. The unit will not work optimally in case of horizontal installation.

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Maintenance & Warranty

All salt-based softeners require periodic salt replacement. The actual time depends on the hardness and water usage. SpringWell’s brine tank holds up to 200 lbs of salt; it’ll last a few months for an average household. The brine tank has a wide mouth to facilitate quick salt replacement.

The resin in the tank lasts for 6-8 years. Overall, the unit has a life of 15+ years. The tanks and valves have 10 years, and the control head has a 7 years warranty. Above all, it is covered by a 6-month money-back guarantee.


  • Rugged and durable tanks
  • 200 pounds salt capacity
  • Easy maintenance
  • Resin lasts up to 8 years
  • Low operational costs
  • 10% crosslink resin


  • Initially costly
  • No sediment filter included

Customer Feedback

Buyers are happy after installing the unit. Many people who bought it after using other softeners say it doesn’t require frequent salt replacement, gives a better flow rate, and works silently.

Some customers were wary about the price point, but they say every cent is worth it. The system works like a charm and recovers costs in less than one year. It drastically improves water quality, which increases appliance efficiency and lifespan.

One buyer mentioned that the flow rate dropped after a few months. He contacted tech support, who instructed him to increase the regeneration cycle and frequency.

A few buyers mentioned that they had to adjust the home pressure below 80PSI as the unit failed to work above 80 PSI pressure.

Final Words: Should you buy SpringWell’s Salt-Based Water Softener?

SpringWell’s salt-based water softener is a highly efficient system that softens water without reducing the flow rate. It is a must-have for homes with private wells as it increases appliance performance and overall life, takes care of your skin and hair, and improves overall water quality. However, salt-based systems require periodic maintenance and brine discharge arrangement.

Please note that salt-based water softeners are banned in US states like California, Texas, Michigan, Connecticut, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. Remember to check local laws before buying a salt-based water softener.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can SpringWell’s softener Remove Iron in Well Water?

All ion-exchange softeners can remove iron but up to a limited concentration. However, using a softener to remove iron from well water is not recommended because it decreases the system’s efficiency and increases salt replacement frequency. You must install an iron filter before the water softener for properly functioning. You can also opt for SpringWell’s well water and salt-based softener combo.

Is the Resin loaded in the Softener Tank?

All SpringWell softeners come pre-loaded with resin for your convenience. It facilitates the installation process.

How much Salt does the Softener need every month?

It depends on water hardness and usage. For an average American family, you’ll need to add around 30-80 pounds every month.

Can I use SpringWell water softener with city water?

Yes. You can use SpringWell salt-based softener with city water without any worries.

Do I need a sediment filter with SpringWell Salt-Based Softener?

Yes. You need to buy a pre-sediment filter as it is not included in the original purchase. A sediment filter is necessary to remove suspended particles from incoming water.


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