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Hi. I am Earl Rojo from Longview, Texas. I have worked as a senior mechanic for more than 3 years in leading well water contracting firms. I started to help people fix any issues with their water wells and live a better life by drinking healthy and pure water.

Wellwatergeek aims to help you understand how a water well works, laws related to its digging, maintenance & usage, guides on maintaining and improving water quality (color, odor, & taste). My blog also reviews the best water filters, softeners, and acid neutralizers for well water.

If you write about well water and want to reach a bigger audience, you can reach me at my email,, to discuss ways to work together.

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  • Earl Rojo

    Earl Rojo has been a senior mechanic in well drilling and maintenance firms for 3 years. He is from Longview, Texas, and he loves sharing his experience with others. He frequently writes on various well water issues with a special focus on well maintenance and drinking water quality.