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What is a Water Well Drilling Swivel?

Updated on June 15, 2022

Water well drilling is a heavily mechanized process. Various machines and components come together to complete a drilling process.

One important component during well drilling is a swivel. Today, we will discuss all the things you need to know about a well swivel, how it works and how you can make one.

What is a water well drilling swivel?

A drilling swivel is designed to supply drilling fluid to the drill string during its rotation. Most swivels are compatible with various flushing mediums such as water, air, foam, or bentonite drilling fluids.

What is a water well drilling swivel

There are different types of swivels available on the market that can be used in different settings. These types are listed below.

  • Top Feed Water Swivels
  • Side Feed Water Swivels (commonly used for drilling water wells)
  • Coring Swivels
  • Reverse Circulation Air Swivel

Benefits of using a Water Well Drilling Swivel

A water well swivel keeps the drilling bits clean and cool to be more stable, less noisy, and more convenient to work with. The center of the bit stays cool and is directly impacted by the water lubrication.

How to make Water Well Drilling Swivel?

Making a water well drilling swivel isn’t an easy task. It has a complex structure and requires you to assemble a lot of parts. Moreover, you need a drilling bit for drilling water wells, but the problem is most local authorities don’t allow citizens to drill water wells themselves on their properties. You need a certified contractor/driller to drill the well for you as it involves a lot of technical assessment and investigation before you can start drilling water well.

If you are allowed to drill a water well on your property or need a drilling swivel for some other tasks, below are two videos that can help you make a water well drilling swivel.

Final Words

It requires technical knowledge and complex tools to make a water well drilling swivel. Even after you successfully make one for your drilling applications, the chances of success are very thin. It is best to buy a commercial drilling swivel if you are doing the drilling yourself.


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